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About Me

I’m Tom Henry, and I’m a UK-based professional freelance ghostwriter, working mainly in the area of non-fiction. I’ve ghosted around 20 books  - some of which appear on this website – that have been published nationally, to critical acclaim. My background is in journalism: 20-plus years working in newspapers, magazines, book publishing and digital media have taught me that the strength of a story is everything, and that to listen carefully is the greatest asset a writer can have.


Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

Frustrated Writer

  • You’ve written your autobiography, but feel your writing may not be publishable.
  • You have an idea for a non-fiction book but don’t know where to start.
  • You’re a busy person but have no time to tell the world about yourself.

For these reasons, hiring a professional ghostwriter like me is the ideal solution.

What Does a Ghostwriter Do?

  • Turns thoughts in the head or words on a page into a readable, engaging form that can be published; in print or electronically.
  • Works with people who have compelling, lively, inspiring and sometimes tragic stories to tell and either need the hand of a professional writer to guide them through the writing process or have very little time to do the writing themselves.
  • Seeks out good stories that can be transformed into great ones.

My only criteria? Do I find this story interesting and will others feel the same?

Human head with gearsIf you are looking to hire a ghostwriter this website will explain:


 I can work with you on either a full manuscript or a selling document (usually known as a ‘submission’) The latter is a professionally-produced document of around 10,000 words which gives an introduction to the book, a breakdown of chapter content and a sample chapter. (see How It Works) A submission is an industry-standard document that almost all publishers and agents require when considering whether to accept a book for publication.

Tell Me Your Story!

storyIf you think you ‘have a book in you’ tell me about it. Along with all reputable, nationally-known publishers and agents I do not charge fees for reading SHORT outlines. I am friendly, approachable and open to ideas, because it is ideas – good ones – that are the lifeblood of the publishing industry. That said, if you want to continue the process then yes, I do charge for my time.

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Tell Me Your Story!