“When I decided to write my autobiography I met with 7 or 8 ghost writers before I met with Tom. I didn’t want to go down the route of a snooker writer or even a sports writer – I just wanted to tell my story and when I started speaking to Tom he told me that’s what he was interested in doing.

I immediately felt comfortable talking with him as he was so normal and easy going. When we started working it was very relaxed and it was very easy to open up to him as it was just like chatting to a friend.

Writing an autobiography is obviously a long process but it never felt like a chore as we didn’t do 5/6 hour slogs. Tom felt it would be more productive to do shorter sessions to keep it fresh, and this appealed to me.

I think it was quite brave of Tom to take on a subject which he admitted he knew nothing about, but it’s exactly how I hoped it would turn out and for that I’m very grateful.”
Stephen Hendry, World Champion snooker player and author of ‘Me And The Table’.

“One Friday evening I made the decision to find a ghost writer and discuss the possibility of writing a book; not a book that was full of drama and scandal but a book that would be read and people would recognise risks to children, act on those gut instincts, scrutinise their own practice and ask the question if its not good enough for my child its not good enough.

“I met with Tom Henry and immediately realised he was the person I wanted to take my words and put onto paper some of those horrifying stories of abuse and failure and create a journey that others could follow. Tom spent hours listening to my story, the stories of some of those abused and failed, read hundreds of documents and took the readers on a journey of tears, laughter, shock and more importantly an awareness and knowledge that this could be any town and anybody’s child.

“When it became difficult for me to continue Tom recognised those feelings and helped me get through it, for that I thank Tom for not judging, rushing, but for walking back through those horrific 12 years by my side and one step at a time.

Jayne Senior, author, Broken and Betrayed (the true story of the Rotherham child abuse scandal)

The Viney Agency has worked successfully with Tom Henry on a number of projects over the last ten years and we have found him to be an extremely efficient and pleasant person to work with, and who critically writes very well, adapting very successfully to each subject’s story.”

Charlie Viney, founder, The Viney Agency

My experience of working with Tom Henry has been a very positive one. He not only has the ability to write well, but is able to form a good relationship with the person he is ghost writing for, which in turn means he is able to tease out those interesting anecdotes which turn a good story into a great read. His knowledge of the publishing industry also means he is able to explain it well to the people he works with. I hope to work with him again on future projects.

Euan Thorneycroft, literary agent, AM Heath and Co.

Mr Henry’s coordination of the story of my life and times has resulted in what I believe to be a very readable autobiography of some 350 pages. His experience and expertise were crucial to the success of my book. I enjoyed our fruitful working relationship and I can recommend his services.”

Ken Medlock, author of ‘A Good Innings’

Tom Henry’s writing style is just brilliant and I feel privileged to have him write my story. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs any kind of help when it comes to writing.”

Alexander Khan, author of ‘Orphan of Islam’

We enjoyed working with Tom, he’s a lovely guy. We are really happy with the resulting book. We have had hugely positive comments from everyone who has read it.

Charlotte and Ben Hollins, authors of ‘The Fight For Fordhall Farm.’

Tom is an absolute pleasure to work with. He combines his remarkable talent as a writer with a brilliant commercial awareness. The proposals he has presented to me are considered and well-shaped. In addition to this, he has great people skills; he instills trust in people he works with and has the ability to draw out the kind of insights that make a book special.

Victoria McGeown, Editor, Harper Collins

Tom Henry is a delight to work with – calm, flexible, thorough, and patient. SilverWood’s title ‘A Good Samaritan’ was sensitively adapted from the writer’s original notes and diary entries. Tom engaged deeply with the writer and the content, instilling confidence for everyone involved in the project. I hope we can work together again soon.

Helen Hart, Publishing Director, SilverWood Books