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Note to self: I must, must must update this more regularly!!
The last few months have been the busiest I’ve ever experienced – two books written, right from scratch, and on the most diverse themes. One is centred around the Rotherham child abuse scandal and is the most harrowing, hard-hitting book I’ve ever been involved with. Almost 2,000 children abused, and barely anyone noticed – particularly those in authority who really should have identified and tackled the problem more than a decade ago. Luckily, one person DID do something, and it’s their story I’m helping to tell. The author is a most remarkable person and example to others never to let a wrong remain unrighted.
The other project is a very interesting memoir/self-help book around the subject of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and anxiety. This has been a fascinating project, with many life-lessons contained within it, and I think it will generate a lot of interest when it is finally published.
I was sad to learn that the Rev Cyril Grant, whom I helped with a memoir in 2013, died earlier this year at the age of 96. Cyril was a great guy and it was a pleasure to help him with a record of his remarkable life. A few years ago I helped a former businessman, Ken Medlock, with his autobiography. Again, his was an amazing life, not least because of his zest for every aspect of it, and Ken has recently featured(for the second time) on an ITV documentary on centenarian car drivers. At the age of 101 he is still on the road and, judging by the footage, his sense of humour is also undimmed.
The book ‘Goodbye East End’ is now published and has been garnering great reviews on Amazon.

I assisted author David Merron with this, but my involvement was minimal, as David is such a good writer. I provided useful advice (I hope!) and a touch of polish here and there. Otherwise, his account of a wartime childhood spent in evacuation deserves to be a classic.