Orphan of Islam

orphan-of-islamThis is the truly remarkable story of Alexander Khan, a half-white, half-Asian boy from the North of England who was raised by a strict Muslim family and later sent to a madrassa in Pakistan to be educated by fundamentalists. Alexander escaped aged 13 and made his way back to England via a series of astonishing adventures.

Alexander Khan  - HarperCollins, 2012 .


Told with searing honesty, heartfelt emotion and bucket loads of wit. [Alex] has risked death threats to tell this tale. It was worth the risk.

- The Sun

This book will challenge how you think and cause you to question your moral values.

- Steve McLaughlin, author of ‘Squaddie’

A true story of courage and inspiration’

- Jasvinder Sanghera, author of ‘Shame’ and founder of Karma Nirvana

Wow what an emotional rollercoaster -  an essential read. Fantastic, even better than the “Kite Runner”, I’ve already recommended it to all if my friends.

- ‘JV’, Amazon