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Telling your story doesn’t have to be so stressful. I can help you turn your thoughts or ideas into an engaging and readable form that is ready to be published.

Attention To Detail

I will take the time to get to know you and your book idea. Through our discussions, we can work together to find the gems within your story.

Track Record

I have ghosted more than 20 books that have been published nationally to critical acclaim.


Here is just some of my work.

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  • Me And The Table, By Stephen Hendry

  • Orphan Of Islam, By Alexander Khan

  • Butterfly Brain, By Barry Cryer

  • Broken and Betrayed, by Jayne Senior


  • After years of struggling to complete my book and share it with the world I was ready to throw the towel in , and I decided to give it one final throw of the dice before admitting defeat. A quick Google search led me to Tom’s website and after an exchange of emails Tom indicated that he would like to work with me, and we arranged a meeting. Lucky for me that he had an impressive knowledge of Belfast and the Troubles, which was perfect for my book. We found that we had much in common and before long we had established a working relationship that gradually turned to friendship. Tom took my hand and led me gently through the writing process and after many hours of chatting and countless emails he began to weave my words and stories into what I can only describe as a perfect account of my life. The book has done amazingly well and has been in the top ten since publication date and most of the reviews are five stars. I can never thank Tom enough for all the help, advice, friendship and hard work he put into both me and my project and I will be forever grateful.
    John Chambers
    Author of 'A Belfast Child'
  • Tom Henry’s writing style is just brilliant and I feel privileged to have him write my story. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs any kind of help when it comes to writing.
    Alexander Khan
    Author of "Orphan of Islam"
  • When I decided to write my autobiography I met with 7 or 8 ghost writers before I met with Tom. I didn’t want to go down the route of a snooker writer or even a sports writer – I just wanted to tell my story and when I started speaking to Tom he told me that’s what he was interested in doing. I immediately felt comfortable talking with him as he was so normal and easy going. When we started working it was very relaxed and it was very easy to open up to him as it was just like chatting to a friend. Writing an autobiography is obviously a long process but it never felt like a chore as we didn’t do 5/6 hour slogs. Tom felt it would be more productive to do shorter sessions to keep it fresh, and this appealed to me. I think it was quite brave of Tom to take on a subject which he admitted he knew nothing about, but it’s exactly how I hoped it would turn out and for that I’m very grateful.
    Stephen Hendy
    World Snooker Champion
  • One Friday evening I made the decision to find a ghost writer and discuss the possibility of writing a book; not a book that was full of drama and scandal but a book that would be read and people would recognise risks to children, act on those gut instincts, scrutinise their own practice and ask the question if its not good enough for my child its not good enough. “I met with Tom Henry and immediately realised he was the person I wanted to take my words and put onto paper some of those horrifying stories of abuse and failure and create a journey that others could follow. Tom spent hours listening to my story, the stories of some of those abused and failed, read hundreds of documents and took the readers on a journey of tears, laughter, shock and more importantly an awareness and knowledge that this could be any town and anybody’s child. “When it became difficult for me to continue Tom recognised those feelings and helped me get through it, for that I thank Tom for not judging, rushing, but for walking back through those horrific 12 years by my side and one step at a time.
    Jayne Senior
    Author of "Broken and Betrayed"
  • The Viney Agency has worked successfully with Tom Henry on a number of projects over the last ten years and we have found him to be an extremely efficient and pleasant person to work with, and who critically writes very well, adapting very successfully to each subject’s story.
    Charlie Viney
    The Viney Agency