July 9, 2014

Welcome back, Tom…!

Well, this is the first post in almost a year, which isn’t a great track record for a writer. But quite often, the business of writing takes over the business of writing about writing and in the past 11 months I’ve been busier than the proverbial one-armed bricklayer.What have I been doing? […]
August 19, 2013

Never too old for Jeremy Kyle…..

“Writing will always take you places,” as no-one in particular said, and it is true. Even if you don’t leave your spare room for 18 months, whatever you write within those four walls will send you forth on a journey across cities, oceans, deserts, and even time itself. Alternatively, you might simply […]
April 22, 2013

This is my truth, tell me yours

The death of Margaret Thatcher – which, admittedly, is a dull subject this far after the event, but bear with me – prompted an outpouring of comment from across the UK and the rest of the world, much of which contained the word ‘divisive’. That she attracted the devotion of many but […]
April 9, 2013

No Booker prize for ghostwriting!

I don’t go to many parties these days, perhaps because there aren’t many truly good ones around. The ones I do go to invariably have a groan-making ‘shoes off’ policy (I’ve stopped caring about holes in my socks) or involve hordes of toddlers gnawing on various electrical equipment and screaming. But I […]