Succeed In A Busy Market

The publishing market today is a very tough one. Although some 250,000 books are published each year, very few receive much, if any, attention. The big sellers are often celebrity driven or TV spin-offs. But publishing thrives on new blood and new ideas, different ways of telling a story. If your story is compelling enough and your voice is authentic, you stand a very good chance of competing in this exclusive, sales-driven market.

Mainstream Publishers

The big publishing houses and their smaller imprints still hold sway over the international publishing industry. Standards are very high, and publishers are always looking to reject. Employing a professional ghostwriter to co-author your story lessens the chances of rejection considerably, especially if the ghostwriter has, like me, a strong track record within the industry. Publishers also work closely with established, credible literary agents to locate talent and broker book deals.

I work with several successful UK literary agents and a variety of mainstream publishers to get books placed in the market.

Self Publishing

Self-publishers offer much more value for money than they ever did. Their books are often handsomely designed and well laid out, offering credibility in a highly competitive market.

You might ask – why bother employing a ghostwriter in these circumstances? Well, the quality of the published word still counts and if you’re able to afford it paying a ghost to make your book read as well as any others on the shelves is a very worthwhile idea. In this digital age, your book is highly likely to outlast you – so why not make it as good as you possibly can, and hire me?!